What We Do

We are a dedicated group of professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and security offering a unique set of services to the business sectors both domestically and abroad.

We have a proven track record for success in matters of safety affecting Canadian companies, and strive to offer innovative solutions and comprehensive consultations to maximize security and productivity for our clients.

Our services range from assessing and developing protocols for mining, oil, cannabis and pharmaceutical industries, to conducting common sense and hazardous awareness training to staff travelling in high risk countries. We also provide kidnap and ransom consultation and negotiation to keep international workers out of harm’s way.

In addition, we provide education, training and consultation to law enforcement agencies and first responders around the world, providing all levels of training from basic to advanced.

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Our highly trained team has earned us international recognition for our standard of service and unparalleled success in the security industry.

Security Consultation

to help establish risk and maximize safety and increase productive operation

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In Service Training

for law enforcement officers, security companies and other first responders

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Kidnap & Ransom

consultation and negotiation to protect Canadian employees working in high risk countries

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Cannabis Security

for both legalized cannabis and medicinal marijuana industries

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