We specialize in providing industry with Kidnap and Ransom protocols

Kidnap and Ransom

Building on a 30+ year foundation of high level law enforcement, TNG specializes in providing industry with Kidnap and Ransom protocols and response, worldwide.

Focusing on high risk countries, TNG is a Canadian company working in the best interests of Canadians and Canadian businesses. Our resources include many of law enforcement’s top kidnapping, negotiating, surveillance, and tactical experts. With a current focus on Latin America, we have the necessary linguistic capabilities to communicate effectively with local authorities and communities. Longstanding professional ties to Canadian police and government officials working abroad ensure a quick and coordinated response to any incidents.

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We consult with Canadian companies working abroad to establish risk levels for specific threats against their personnel, including physical site security assessments to outline any changes that are required to ensure safety for your team.

We also provide common sense training that helps protect your team in their travels by adhering to or respecting local customs and avoiding high risk areas. Our experience and international recognition also gives us the ability to liaise with local government and law enforcement to make certain our clients receive the protection they need.

Crisis Resolution

Ransom Negotiation

Our kidnap and ransom team have a wealth of experience in negotiating the safe return of individuals in high risk countries.  We work with both the Canadian and foreign governments to secure permission to negotiate directly on our clients’ behalf, and work with local police forces to develop a swift and effective response and resolution.

what we do

We are a dedicated group of professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and security offering a unique set of services to the business sectors both domestically and abroad.

Security Consultation

to help establish risk and maximize safety and increase productive operation

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In Service Training

for law enforcement officers, security companies and other first responders

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Kidnap & Ransom

consultation and negotiation to protect Canadian employees working in high risk countries

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Cannabis Security

for both legalized cannabis and medicinal marijuana industries

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