Chief Operations Officer



Our Director of International Business Development is a highly motivated member of the team that brings 24 years of Canadian law enforcement experience, specializing in covert, organized crime and cross border enforcement operations.

He has worked internationally with partner agencies coordinating controlled deliveries as a Senior Interdiction Specialist with Customs Border Services Agency and as an international trainer where he developed course training standards and instructed on drug interdiction operations in the marine environment at the Marine Centre of Expertise in Halifax.

He is an experienced undercover operator with 10 years of operational undercover experience involving drug, major crime and national security investigations. The foundation of his experience has been the disruption of organized crime where he has overseen investigations at the national level targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs, cartels and other violent independent gangs domestically and internationally, focusing on major drug interdiction operations.

With strong networking abilities, he has worked side by side with international partner agencies from the United States including the DEA, FBI, HSI, USBP, ATF as well as from other countries including the Australian Federal Police, Scotland Yard and Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office. As an operational leader, he has commanded teams mandated with combatting organized crime and terrorism, as well as leading units utilizing covert rural surveillance and reconnaissance techniques. He is an “all or nothing” individual that believes in strong work ethic and innovation, refusing to maintain “status quo.”