Training is one of the most important responsibilities of any law enforcement agency.

In-Service Training

By providing in-service training to its personnel, an agency will achieve four objectives:

•      FOSTER an environment for personnel to be better prepared to act decisively and correctly;
•      INCREASE productivity and effectiveness;
•      ENHANCE cooperation and unity of purpose; and
•      ESTABLISH safeguards to be legally accountable for the actions of personnel

The purpose of our training program is to provide personnel with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (“KSA’s”) through the use of in-service training to develop the candidate’s understanding of various law enforcement investigative techniques. The candidate will then be better equipped to conduct investigations within their various fields of enforcement.

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Domestic In-Service Training

Police Officers and Security Firms

We know that as trained officers we are met with varying situations on a daily basis, and always need to be prepared to respond in a fast and efficient manner. Continued education and situationally based training can improve safety, mitigate risk and produce effective results for any law enforcement team.  Our customized programs are designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Non-Police Responders

We at True North Group recognize that first responders of all types are often called upon to deal with potentially violent individuals.  Paramedics and Firefighters are often the first to arrive on scene, and as such, can benefit from professional in service training to help them learn about use of force and to provide skills to keep themselves and by-standers safe from harm.

International Training

We offer police training from basic to advanced through a variety of courses designed with international clients in mind. We bring our skills and expertise to countries that may not have the funding to send their first responders abroad to develop their abilities and learn new strategies.  We work with local government and police forces to establish a program that will enhance the performance and safety of police officers, security personnel, firefighters and paramedics.

At True North, we understand that training courses must be fluid and dynamic in order to meet our client’s needs.  Each course offering is built on a foundation of over 35 years of Canadian policing experience from our subject matter experts.  With this in mind, we customize each of our Course Training Standards to conform to various environmental, social, legal, political and cultural considerations.

Law enforcement training courses provided by True North are in depth courses that include both in class instruction and practical field exercises which can range from 40 hours to 120 hours depending on the specific course offering.

Although there is no written examination, participants will be graded on a Pass/Fail System by Course Facilitators in order to meet the Agency’s internal requirements for documenting training standards.  Participants meeting the passing requirements of the course will be presented with a certificate indicating they have met the minimum requirements of the specified course.

The cost of the course is dependent upon the location, number of participants and future commitments for subsequent training.  True North Law Enforcement Training Group believes in cost effectiveness, working with law enforcement agencies to meet their budgetary requirements.

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